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Dynojet Stage 5 Power Package for Can Am Maverick X3 2017-2021


Boosted power: up to 65 more HP on 100 octane fuel; up to 35 HP gain on 91 octane
More power in less boost
Upgraded Big Wheel turbocharger that is built to last
Lower charge temps
Better throttle response than stock
Adjustable secondary spring and weights for larger off-road tires and terrain
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With Stage 5 for your 2017-20 Can-Am X3, you can reap the benefits of up to 65 more HP vs. stock (on 100 octane fuel). We’ve engineered our Stage 5 Power Package for long-lasting performance, so you can keep the heat on your competition not your vehicle. Stage 5 includes everything in the Stage 4 kit, plus an upgraded Big Wheel turbocharger. If stock parts cant handle your power, Dynojet’s Stage 5 Power Package is your solution. You’ll tap into more power in less boost, and the lower charge temps will help you not just outrun the pack, but outlast them, too. This power package also includes a Power Vision fuel tuner pre-loaded with premium tunes developed and tested by Dynojet. Choose from one of our custom-made tunes or set your own, for your perfect ride.


  • Can Am Maverick X3 2017-2021


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About Dynojet Research Inc

Who is Dynojet?

Dynojet is an aftermarket company that specializes in producing tuning equipment for different motorcycles, automotive vehicles and UTVs. The company started back in 1973 and has since produced one of the most accurate tuning tools. It was created by a group of people who shared two things in common, motorcycles and speed. Today, the company is widely known around the motorcycle industry and has been sought after by many enthusiasts all around.

Pioneers in Tuning Technology

The company has continuously provided new and innovative ways of tuning motorcycles to bring out the best performance from it. The company has always found ways on how their customers can push the limit of their vehicle. With the use of high tech sensors and gadgetries, they were able to create a tuning product that is as precise and accurate as it can possibly be.

Dynojet has been recognized due to its dynamometers. It is what most of the tuning shops is using due to its ability to provide accurate data that helps engine tuners fine tune their build.

The company’s goal is to help its clients maximize their experience. They design all their products to bring out the best in every vehicle and has helped a lot of racers become competitive in their respective leagues.

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