Nautical Service

Our specialists will be able to advise you on the options available to you

Minor and major repairs

At Mondial Car Island, we have in each of our branches an aesthetic specialist for your boat. We are able to make minor and major repairs to the hull of your boat. Did you have a collision, hit the bottom, your boat crashed against the dock or were you in an accident? Leave the repair to us. Our specialists will be able to advise you on the best course of action.

Refreshing cure

Are you thinking of giving your boat a refreshing cure? Not many people are aware that the paint on your boat is indeed gel coat. It can be sanded and polished to restore it to its original look without the need for new paint. During this step, we can also repair any light scratches and cracks in your gelcoat (spider crack) to give amazing results.

Moisture protection

Our team also takes care of applying Interprotect and anti-fouling paint to the hull of your boat. This process prevents the build-up of silt and algae on your hull and protects your hull from possible moisture problems. This will also facilitate the washing and maintenance of your hull.

Products and services

We offer this service and use the latest in marine engine diagnostic technology. It is a simple and easy service to perform. Our technicians can come to the vessel’s location to perform the service. The vessel can be in or out of the water for this service to be performed. Better diagnostic analysis of the engine can be conducted if the engine can be started and ran with a proper cooling water source.

A written report with the complete engine diagnostics information and results is included with the service and would be sent to you within 24 hours after the diagnostics is performed. The report can be sent to your email address on a PDF document.

Feel free to contact us if you may need computer engine diagnostics for your marine engine. Special pricing is arranged based upon your needs, how many engines need diagnostic testing, and the model of the engine(s).

Our Commitments - MONDIAL CAR ISLAND

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MCI ensures the set-up of a “tailor-made” meeting according to your needs.

We are committed to receiving you and working on your car, at the time that suits you best according to your time constraints. At your MCI, you are not a number, we take into account the needs of our customers on a case-by-case basis according to the specificities of each one and assure you the follow-up of your vehicle over the long term.

Transparency of Prices and

We are committed to the transparency of prices and our interventions, by examining with you the solution best suited to your vehicle and by systematically explaining the work to be done.

Manufacturer's Guarantee

MCI repairers work on your vehicle in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. From the 1st day of the warranty, you are free to have your vehicle serviced at MCI, for current operations or for all more technical interventions without any risk of losing your manufacturer’s warranty.

Multi-Brand Technical

Within MCI, you find real professionals. Whatever your need, you will find a specialist who can answer your request and treat it with a maximum degree of expertise.

Certified Technician

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Your call will be taken by the service in charge and will be happy to answer all questions about your boat and the services we offer!

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